About Us

Kinky Rabbit Club is an invite-only lifestyle club that hosts a series of kinky themed events.
The events are produced by Alina Ratuska, the former creative director of Snctm.
Kinky Rabbit Club was curated for likeminded and curious couples and individuals that wish to explore and experience “more”
Our uniquely themed events will wrap you into a new world of seductive exploration and passionate sexuality.
With a combination of music, erotica, and entertainment- our events are like no other.
The events hosted take place in different locations across the Los Angeles area.
We openly invite you to apply at Kinky Rabbit Club,
you will receive invites from us directly and will be granted the ability to purchase tickets.





Alina Ratuska is a Polish/German Creative Director, Event Planner, Designer, and Stylist.

Alina is the founder of the notorious Kinkyrabbitclub.

And is also the creative mind that drives the unbridled themed events.

Alina is the former creative director behind the exclusive Snctm private members club for four consecutive years.

Alina began her journey in the nightlife and entertainment industry designing costumes for performers.

Alina hosted events all over Europe.

Ibiza served as one of Alina’s biggest inspirations during the creation of the brand known as “RockaChic” which has led her onto the path of being the creative mind behind Snctm & Kinky Rabbit Club

RockaChic was founded in early 2009, as a fashion and entertainment company. RockaChic began hosting creative themed events, with the highlights being the costumes and shows. Since 2009 Alina has developed a devoted fan base and an exclusive private clientele which followed her into Kinky Rabbit Club.